Making the Most of Overstock

Making the Most of Overstock is a huge online retailer that promises big savings. And, it’s right in our own backyard! But with the ever growing merchandise, Overstock can get a little overwhelming. Studio 5 Producer Mallory Moore went on a search of her own to find out how you can make the most of this retail re-sale giant.

Tips to making the most of Overstock:

1, Think Before You Buy

Overstock carries just about anything you can think of. So think of Overstock before you buy a new couch, dress, sewing machine, even book a vacation. They most likely carry it and it will probably be a discounted price.

2. Check out the Website Often

Unlike department stores that only get new products at the beginning of the season, gets new merchandise every single day. So to find just what you’re looking for and to get the best deal, check for new products daily.

3. Look for Last Season carries both last season items and products that are currently on store shelves. But, if you look for the last season items, you’ll find the best prices. So, for staple items that don’t have to be this season, look for the later trends for bigger savings.

4. Shop at The Overstock Warehouse

Living in Utah, we have a huge advantage to cash in on savings at Overstock. The Overstock warehouse is open to the public every Saturday from 10am-2pm. There you will find products similar to online, but they are further discounted. The warehouse is located at 955 South 3800 West in Salt Lake City.

Check out the great deals at And there is a short cut at And if you use the shortcut, you’ll receive free shipping on any order.

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