Managing Type 2 Diabetes


Nearly 24 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes, and most of them suffer from Type 2 diabetes. If you struggle with this condition, there are real solutions that can help you better manage your type 2 diabetes

Dr. Brandon Babcock D.C., a doctor of chiropractic from the Functional Endocrinology Institute of Utah, is taking a new approach to Type 2 diabetes treatment and seeing incredible results with his patients.

Dr. Babcock uses a specific diet, exercise and supplement regimen that has been shown to help patients lose weight, lower blood pressure, and effectively manage Type 2 diabetes, with little to no medicine.

The ideal candidate for this revolutionary diabetes treatment plan is anyone who is ready to make a change.

“One of my patients, Una Grant, has been a patient for about 5 months. She has type 2 diabetes. She was on 80 units of insulin per day. She is now on 10 units of insulin a day.No cholesterol meds now, off of 2000mg to 500 mg of metformin, Her blood pressure medicine is half now.” Stated Babcock.

“She started out at a 192 pounds and she has lost 37 pounds. She is 77 years young.” He added.

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