Manners Matter: The Etiquette Essentials for the Everyday Woman

In this day and age, it feels like etiquette is dead. But manners are more important than ever.

Candilyn Newell shares the basics that all women should stick to.


The Etiquette Essentials

Most all of us see the value in etiquette but what about that mom on the go? What are the basics she should stick to? Here are a few etiquette principles that will help you sail through any social event.

1. It’s About Others

If you remember that the underlying principle beneath every social interaction is caring about others, you will be in good shape. Kindness, compassion, and charity speak volumes about who you are and what you are intentions are. Every etiquette rule including table manners, handshakes, and introductions should stem from you knowledge for and awareness of others.

2. Know the Difference Between Rules and Principles

In etiquette, there is a key difference between rules and principles. A rule is what we typically think of when we refer to etiquette. It’s the table manners, where the fork goes, and how to handshake properly. The important thing to remember is that every rule bases itself in a principle. If you understand the underlying principle, you can understand and value the rule.

3. Look for the One

If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, the best thing somebody can do is notice you. This happened for Candilyn at the Vice President’s home in Washington DC. She and her husband were serving as ambassadors of the United States at the time. Upon her arrival, she felt uneasy. This instantly changed when the senior Mrs. Bush took notice of her and instantly made her feel at comfortable. Candilyn maintains we should use this story of Mrs. Bush as an example of keeping an eye out for “the one.” This applies to all etiquette rules including how to use name tags, when to handshake, and where introductions matter.

Dr. Candilyn Newell is a professor of etiquette at Brigham Young University. Her life experience and academic research express her commitment to and passion for creating positive interactions in personal and professional life.

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