Manners Matter: Pool Etiquette

It’s the place to cool off on a hot summer day – but are you playing it polite
at the public pool?

Studio 5 Etiquette Expert and Blogger Janine Ottley shares a few reminder.

At a public pool, remember you’re not alone. This facility is for the use and
enjoyment of so many- so taking turns on slides, diving boards, and other
equipment is important.

Watch your children so carefully! Whether swimming at a private home, or in
a public pool, it’s your responsibility as a parent or adult to watch those you
have brought with you. The buddy system is always a great second measure
to take (making sure every person has someone else they are swimming
with), but it doesn’t take the place of actually watching the people you came
with. it’s never a bad idea to have one person staying out of the pool and
supervising. Watching everyone is difficult to do when you’re all in the pool
playing- what if you were the one in trouble?

In the locker or changing room- find a private place to change. I had a friend
bring her young son with her into the locker room because that’s the
responsible thing to do (never allow a younger child to attend the restroom
by themselves – bring them with you) and a woman was so offended that my
friend had brought her son with her because the lady was changing and, at
the time, was sans clothing. In that case, find a stall, a shower curtain, some
place where you can change privately for your sake and others! (The
exception to this rule if you must is a Spa where only 18+ are allowed to

Use a swim diaper but not alone. Always make sure you have a plastic cover
over the swim diaper. It’s a great invention that actually prevents a majority
of mess to leak out of the diaper. Also remember that just because they are
wearing a swim diaper, it does not mean you don’t have to change it as

Leave things better than you found them. This is something my mom always
taught me. Whether you are bringing drinks for everyone when attending a
friends pool, lunch, or any other items that might leave litter- always make
sure you leave your place better than you found it. If it’s a friends pool,
make sure you help clean up the plethora of pool toys and floats before
heading home. It never hurts to have our children learn that they need to
respect their surroundings and I believe this is a great way to help them do

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