Marketing Your Ideas

Marketing Your Ideas

Maybe you have an etsy shop selling hair bows, a little photography
business, or some other great little home business you want to start, you
want to know how make it a success. If you want to determine the
outcome, the book “The 5 laws that determine all of life’s outcomes” has
the answer.

Brett Harward is the author of that book and a marketing expert and shares
his tips on making your ideas successful.

The KSL Marketing Summit is a series of 4 workshops, starting on
March 23rd from 10am – noon in the Free Enterprise Auditorium at the
SLCC Miller Campus. The other sessions are April 5, April 26 and May 10,
each starting at 10am in the auditorium at the Miller Campus. The cost is
$49/person for each session. Attendees can attend all sessions or they
may choose to attend only one or more sessions based on their interest
and availability.

The purpose of these workshops is to teach business owners and marketing
managers how to be more effective at marketing. Topics will include basic
marketing strategy and planning, understanding buying psychology,
writing effective marketing messages, email marketing, social media,
search engine optimization, online marketing, tracking marketing results,
managing customer feedback, along with several other topics.

You can find more information and register at

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