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Marriage Advice for Newlyweds: 4 lessons every married couple should learn

This marriage advice applies to all couples.

If you have a child getting married this year, make sure they’re prepared. Not for the ceremony or the cake cutting – although those details are important, too. But prepare them for marriage.

After 17-years as a couple’s therapist, Eli Harwood pinpointed the most important advice to pass onto her children. This advice doesn’t only apply to the brides-to-be, but we all could benefit from these relationship reminders.

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Marriage Advice to Give Your Kids

  1. Never Put the Parent’s Wishes Above Your Partner’s Needs

Eli emphasizes the importance of not letting parental expectations interfere with a couple’s dynamics.

She urges, “Do not put my needs above your partner’s needs.”

Recognizing the potential harm of inserting oneself into a relationship, Eli encourages parents to put a focus on the couple’s journey, allowing them the space to navigate their relationship without external pressures.

  1. Generosity Trumps Fairness

Dispelling the myth of perfect equality in relationships, Eli advocates for generosity over fairness.

She explains, “Both people work to be generous, giving what they can, and this cultivates a sense of equity that goes beyond mere equality.”

This approach, Eli believes, fosters a healthier dynamic by acknowledging and appreciating each partner’s individual strengths and seasons of life.

  1. Be Their Safe Space

Eli stresses the significance of being a safe haven for your partner. This involves being empathetic, understanding, and supportive during vulnerable moments. Eli believes that to create a secure attachment, you must provide the emotional sanctuary needed for partners to be open and honest with each other.

  1. Let Their Love Change You

Encouraging personal growth within a relationship, Eli suggests allowing a partner’s love to be transformative.

She remarks, “One of the most important duties is to let the love of others change us.”

She believes mutual growth and evolution strengthen the marriage. Eli believes it’s a beautiful thing when you’re positively influenced by a partner.

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