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Married and happy? Make sure these 4 marriage ghosts don’t impact your relationship

If you’re married and happy, don’t let ghosts of past relationships impact your current relationship.

Marriage, settling down, and finding happiness – these are cherished life moments. However, beneath the surface of contentment, the ghosts of past relationships often linger, influencing our present emotions and actions.

Studio 5 Marriage & Family Contributor Dr. Liz Hale delves into the reality of emotional residue and how it affects our lives.


4 Marriage Ghosts to Look Out For

These emotional imprints, or “ghosts,” are rooted in fear and often trigger inappropriate reactions in current situations. Liz explains how past experiences, such as a partner’s tardiness triggering fear of infidelity, can cause unnecessary anxiety and doubt in our present relationships.

The Role of Family Ties

Ghosts aren’t limited to romantic entanglements; family ties also cast their shadows. Invisible connections to parents, siblings, and extended family members can significantly impact our current relationships.

Embracing Awareness and Communication

Liz offers a solution: awareness. Acknowledging these ghosts empowers us to confront and overcome them. This journey to emotional freedom demands courage and emotional maturity. Communication becomes the linchpin, as couples supporting each other through these challenges create trust and openness in their relationships.

Confronting Shadows, Embracing Light

Ghosts from the past are echoes, no longer defining us. By confronting them with awareness, communication, and mutual support, we liberate ourselves. Our present relationships can flourish, unburdened by the shadows of yesterday.

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