Massage Chair Relief: Affordable Comfort

Dr. Alan Weidner talks about comfort and affordability on Studio 5.

Featured on the show are two great chairs.

The HT-5005 by Human Touch

The first is the HT-5005 made by Human touch. This chair has a massage that will work the back muscles and your calves to create a more enhanced experience. It is made of luxuriously soft real leather and is easy to operate. It has a foot ottoman that retracts and stores underneath the chair. It rotates so that you have a flat side to relax your legs on if you don’t want them massaged and then you can rotate it to work your calves and with one more position change, it can work your feet. This is a more chair that has three auto programs and four different modalities to fit your needs. It’s great to come home to!

The Panasonic EP 1285

The Panasonic EP 1285 is Panasonic’s “Urban Massage Lounger”. The controls for this are more basic as well. It has four different pre-programs and eight different manual settings. This chair offers a lot of bang for the buck. It has some techniques that are unique to just this chair. You can determine how high and how wide you want the rollers to go and adjust the speed of the massage. The foot ottoman also does a great job on the legs, flushing the blood towards your heart with air cell compression.

Both chairs sell for $1,999 and $2,699 respectively. Also Massage Chair Relief offers 0% interest financing. You can get payments as low as $91 a month OAC. They also have some other models in their showroom being sold at deep discounts.

Visit the Massage Chair Showroom

2248 West 5400 South

Taylorsville, UT

(801) 417-8240

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