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But what happens when your tear glands stop producing that fluid. It creates dry spots on the surface of your eyes and soon, you have dry eyes. Dry eye is common problem and here’s an interesting statistic: more women have dry eye than men… almost four times.

Dr. Dane Dansie with Mount Ogden Eye Center stops by Studio 5 to discuss dry eye.

How do you know if you have dry eye?

If it itches, it’s an allergy

If it’s sticky, its conjunctivitis

If it burns (or stings or feels scratchy), it’s dry eye.

What are symptoms of dry eye?

Stringy mucus around the eyes

Eye irritation from smoke or wind

Fatigue after short periods of reading

Sensitive to light

Difficulty wearing contact lenses

Blurred vision at the end of the day

Tearing (If your eyes are irritated, lacramal glands flood your eyes with “reflex” tears, but they’re tears of “poor” quality because they’re low in mucus and oils)

What are causes of dry eye?

Poor tear “quality” (tear film has three layers: oil, water and mucus.) Problems with these fluids cause dry eye.

Decreased tear production (tears diminish as you get older, especially women in menopause or with medical conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or even LASIK surgery)

Poor lid function (you need to blink every 12 seconds to spread the film, but if eyelids are defective, it could hurt your eyes.)

Medications (diuretics, antihistamines, decongestants, sleeping and birth control pills)

Environmental (sun, wind, dry climate, airplane cabins, computers, reading)

What can help relieve dry eye?

Home remedies include avoiding smoke, not blowing air in your eyes (hair dryers), wearing glasses on windy days or goggles while swimming. Add moisture to the air and avoid rubbing eyes. Be conscious of repeated blinking, take breaks and rest your eyes by closing lids.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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