Massage Chair Relief: Body “R&R”

The Human Touch HT 110 from Massage Chair Relief! And who best knows about this dream chair than Dr. Alan Weidner with Massage Chair Relief.

What you need to know about the Human Touch HT 110

It’s approved by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists

It has four different massage technique settings

It’s designed to fit well in any room

It gives deep, soothing massage

It’s “human hands” massage your back, calves and feet

It improves blood circulation and your immune system

All you need is 15 comforting minutes every day to make you feel so much better

Stop by Massage Chair Relief in Taylorsvilel for a wide selection of chairs to suit every taste.

2248 West 5400 South

Taylorsville, UT

(801) 417-8240

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