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Massage Chair Relief may have just the answer for you.

Massage Chair Relief President Dr. Alan Weidner stops by Studio 5 to talk about the Human Touch Massage chair and the grand opening of the new Massage Chair Relief Store in Taylorsville.

Human Touch Massage Chairs are endorsed by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists (ACCO) and Panasonic Massage Chairs are endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association!

Obviously, it is not something that just anyone can get. Panasonic massage chairs and have these endorsements. Getting a massage chair endorsed by the ACCO or the ACA means you are getting a quality, well-made product that delivers exactly what is promised by it’s manufacturer.

But, not only do you get a massage recliner that is built and backed by a solid company with a phenomenal reputation and literally thousands of happy clients, just like you, throughout the world, you also get the ONLY online retailer that offers its clients an exclusive 90-day, unconditional money-back guarantee* PLUS $408.00 in wellness gifts, and FREE SHIPPING**.

• Patented Massage System Technology – a lot of fancy words which add up to this:

The robot in your new massage recliner will move 3-dimensionally in 4 different modes…kneading, rolling, percussion, and compression. Combined, these modes create the famous deep tissue massage effect (also considered by some as Shiatsu).
Some of the chairs we sell have a body sensor memory that reads your body size and shape and memorizes your massage so that you get the same massage each time…specifically designed just for you. The bottom line is that you will get a true deep tissue massage imitating the hands of a real licensed massage therapist (oh, and by the way, the further back you recline your chair, the deeper the massage)!

• An ottoman that features a calf and leg massager…better blood circulation and muscle relaxation awaits your tired legs.

If you spend any amount of time each day on your feet…this feature alone will make it worth getting one of these massage chairs. You won’t even realize how tight and tired your leg muscles are until you place your calves in the wells and have them massaged. Heaven on Earth!

• A full recline (up to 175°) that also provides an exclusive gentle stretch.

Do you ever feel like your spine and hips are being compressed or “jammed” by the weight of your body after being upright all day? That’s why it feels so good at the end of a long day to lie down. Well, now you can lie down on your new massage recliner AND get gently stretched at the same time. Some of our chairs actually recline to 175°. Ooohhh…it feels so good! You’ll feel as light as a feather when you’re done.

• A well-made and durable chair backed by a powerful warranty

These chairs are workhorses! I use mine at my office all day long, on hundreds of patients each month. It has never broken down…not once! I never have to worry a second about it. But if, by some crazy chance, something does go wrong with it, I can trust the chair’s warranty to take care of it (the Omega 510 and 5000DLX chairs actually have a 5-year limited warranty!).

• Customer service that is just a mouse-click or phone call away…to answer any question or solve any problem you might have.

Probably the most important thing of all. If something does happen to your massage recliner or if you are concerned about any function of your chair, it is so great to have a company that backs up everything they make and sell. It’s also great to know that you are just a phone call or e-mail away from getting answers to whatever questions you may have. This puts your mind at ease and you can’t put a price on that. You already know a little bit about the warranty . Wait until you learn about our amazing, unparalleled, and unbeatable money-back guarantee!

• Designed to follow the natural contours of your spine

From the side view of your body, your back should be in the shape of a wave (not straight, in other words). Any massage chair that rolls straight up and down along the length of your spine will hurt your mid-back and not go deep enough on your neck and low back. These chairs will roll along those natural spinal contours. It fits you like a glove!

• Ergonomic headrest

With these chairs, you will not feel like you’re sitting in an airplane, where your head gets pushed forward! This headrest can be adjusted or removed altogether for maximum comfort.

• Padded leather armrests (…no sore elbows and forearms!)

Have you ever sat in a chair with unpadded, wooden armrests? After a while, your elbows and forearms feel sore from being “bone-on-wood”…terribly uncomfortable! A nice, padded armrest makes your massage experience that much more enjoyable (just a little something you’d never think about when buying a massage chair . But you’ll be grateful you did within minutes of using your chair for the first time).

• Remote Control

How wonderful to be able to adjust your chair without getting up or moving (we men especially love this feature)! Many of our massage chairs chair have a stand for your remote. Talk about easy access!

• Color Options

No, they are not all black and brown. The HT-125 Human Touch Massage Chair, HT-135 Human Touch Massage Chair, HT-136 Human Touch Massage Chair, Panasonic EP3222, and the Omega Massage Chairs all come with their own color selection that will help them fit in any décor or room in your home. The HT-1650 Human Touch Massage Chair comes in a cognac color option…our personal favorite. It is such a rich and classy looking color!

To visit the newMassage Chair Relief Store, go to 2248 West 5400 South in Taylorsville. Give them a call at (801) 417-8240 or go online at

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