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Working in the yard? A master gardener tells 5 gardening tools that make his life easier

If you’re spending a lot of time in the yard, these five gardening tools will make all the difference.

No matter what, it’s work to whip the yard into shape. But having the right tool makes it a whole lot easier.

Master Gardener Jerry Goodspeed, with the Utah State University Botanical Center, shares the five tools he reaches for most often this time of year.


5 Gardening Tools to Make Life Easier

Pruning Shears, $49.38


Trowel, $8.99


Hand Cultivator, $18.56


Winged Weeder, $49.99


Chainsaw Loppers, or “Jaws,” $119.79

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  • The “claw” of pooper scooper. at Cal Ranch for less than $30, as I recall. (I don’t remember the brand name)