Be a Master Thrifter: The Do’s and Don’ts of Second-Hand Shopping

You can update your spring wardrobe for half the cost! Just hit up your local thrift store and get to being a master thrifter!

Paige Sorensen shares what you should look for at the thrift store, and what you should pass up.


Thrifting Do’s and Don’ts

Update your spring wardrobe without spending a lot of money. Here’s a quick lesson in the do’s and don’ts of thrifting.


1. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit and you don’t LOVE. Paige recommends using a scale from 1 to 5. If it’s not a 4 or 5 don’t waste your money.

2. Don’t buy printed leggings. They are out of style. This also applies to anything chevron print. Both are out- dated.

3. Don’t limit yourself. Thrift stores are different these days. We have wonderful resources locally that offer frugal shopping. Plato’s Closet, Uptown Cheapskate, Deseret Industries, Savers, & Goodwill. All of these stores have current trends and name brands. Here’s the secret- local boutiques and large department stores like Nordstrom ship extras to DI weekly. There are brand new items on the thrift store racks.


1. Buy High-waisted skirts with buttons, pockets, or bows

  •     These are huge trends for the next few seasons.

2. Buy Jean Jackets and T-shirts

  •     Jean jackets are the new cardigan. You can be creative with t-shirts. Slight tuck, full tuck, or tie in a knot in the front or back. T-shirts provide different silhouettes.

3. Buy Colorful and Bright Purses

  •     Add little touches on purses and making them personal like faux fur, pom poms, & tassels.

Paige Sorensen has been a fashion stylist and trend expert for 15 years.  She is also a master-thrifter. Paige learned the art of thrifting while growing up in San Diego living on a limited budget.  Now she dresses high profile clients almost always starting at thrift stores and then moving her way up to other stores.  Her clients are consistently shocked at her ability to pull off fabulous outfits for far less than they expect.

For more Fashion, Style & Thrifting tips check out her Instagram @stylelifewithpaige

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