McDavid Sports: Protective Apparel

On Studio 5 today, find out what is cutting edge in protecting your young … or not-so-young athelete as Troy Doezie with McDavid Sports provides a fashion show and information you should know about HexPad Protective Apparel.

McDavid now manufactuers over 400 different innovative products for active people and athletes of all ages. The most widely used and recommended brand of braces among sports professions, McDavid is the industry leader in sports products and technical performance athletic wear.

Whether your athlete is involved in football, baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby or lacrosse, you will find everything from rib pads, spine shirts, “girdles” that protect the hips, thigh and back as well as knee, shin and elbow pads and ankle pads, too.

McDavid makes many of its industry leading products in their own factory in Illinois.

To locate one of 18 different stores throughout the state of Utah or in the intermountain area, go to to find a store nearest you.

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