MD Diet: Breaking Down a Buffet

A buffet seems like a good choice – you pay an average price and you get to eat as much as you can eat. The thinking goes … if I eat as much as I can, I will somehow save more money. So you often eat more than you should in an attempt to get your money’s worth. The reality is that your body doesn’t realize this – it is not like a gas tank! If you fill your stomach to absolute completion, you won’t get a couple more days of energy out of it. You’ll still be hungry again a few hours later.

Jared Lundahl with MD Diet talks about what you need to know when you come face to face with a buffet

The first thing to remember is don’t over eat! That is the first rule for the buffet.
Whether you are at a restaurant buffet, a church buffet, or a family gathering, you shouldn’t over eat – it can lead to diabetes, obesity, etc.

Secondly, learn to break the buffet down. It comes into three main groupings:

1. The Salad Bar

2. The Main Entrée

3. The Dessert Bar

MD Diet has stressed in the past how proteins help make us skinny, vegetables don’t make us fat or skinny when consumed raw, water is vital to flushing toxins from our bodies, and you shouldn’t separate your dessert from your meal because it will then become its own independent energy source.

Knowing this, here is what MD Diet recommends at the Salad Bar:

Eat more salad and drink more water.
When eating the fruits, decide on “low carb” or what would register on the low end on the glycemic index, with choices such as strawberries, raspberries, or citrus-based options.
Proportionally you should always make sure that 75% of what you consume that day is protein based. Learn more about that on MD Diet’s web-site ( or by attending one of MD Diet’s nutrition classes.

Smarter Entrée Choices:

You may want potatoes and bread, but you can’t have it all. Learn to eliminate at least one desire and learn to enjoy good choices, such as these:
The prime rib will be a better protein choice than the starchy potatoes, and grilled option’s are better than deep fried.
Stay away from the sauces!!!! They are often pure sugar you are adding to the top your meal.

Finally, the Dessert:

Have it, but don’t wait too long consume it. You should eat it immediately after your meal. A good general rule is that for every bite of dessert you eat, you should have eaten four times that amount in meat.
Just remember…if you’re trying to save money or feed those emotions through the buffet experience, it will often cost you more in the end by over eating than if you just take it easy.

Check out more facts and learn more by going to the MD Diet website at

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