Meal Balance

Meal Balance

Dieting isn’t easy. But what if you could lose weight, save time and eat good food at the same time? That’s the promise from an innovative weight loss system called Meal Balance.

Executive Vice President of Meal Balance, Nichelle Haymore shares details about a system she says teaches you good eating habits for life.

Meal Balance is a meal program that combines good carbohydrates, good fats, and good proteins in convenient, individually packaged portions.

Food must taste great and require very little preparation or you will not continue to follow the plan. Our theory is simple, eat natural foods like meats, vegetables and simple dairy and you will lose weight. More importantly you form habits that are simple to follow.

Meal Balance provides you with a variety of delicious and nutritious meal plan options. Order your preferred meal plan before 1 pm CST and receive it at your front door as soon as the next day. All of our meal plans are shipped via Federal Express and are carefully packaged in thermal shipping containers with dry ice.

Meal Balance is designed to meet the needs of your own personal lifestyle. Whether that is weight loss, weight maintenance, convenience, or just a simple way to eat nutritionally balanced meals, Meal Balance delivers!

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