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Get your family media agreement right! Here are the 4 qualities of a good contract

You might be going wrong with your media agreement.

Many families have an agreement of sorts when it comes to family media. If you are focusing on all the things you don’t want your kids to do, you might be going about it wrong. Zero in on what you do want them to do and they will actually agree to it.

Therapist Kristin Hodson shares some of the benefits of having a media agreement with your kids. There are right ways to do it and wrong ways. Kristin gives the four things that make a good contract. She also shares some of her favorites you can access online.

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4 Family Media Agreements

iMom Social Media Contract For Kids

This agreement is focusing specifically on social media. Social media is a subcategory of its own with different areas of discussion that need to be taught and reviewed.

Psychology Today – The Best Technology-Screen Time Agreement For Kids

This is a 10 point checklist to help families start creating their culture around technology. It tackles weeknights and weekends, travel, screen time blackouts such as meal time, hanging out with friends, when you’re playing games, screen time privilege, where devices are stored, and more. Family Media Plan

This plan allows you to literally customize a media plan for all of your kids starting from babies all the way through age 18. You enter your child’s name, choose their age, then check which items are relevant for them under each category. This plan works with your family values and the unique differences of age and personalities of each of your children.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is my favorite resource to help kids think critically about the media they are consuming, so it’s no surprise that their agreement made my top five list. Their agreement goes from K-12th grade and is approached in a building block style allowing kids to build on what they have learned and agreed to as they continue to grow. The three areas this agreement focuses on is staying safe, staying balanced, and staying smart.

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