Meet Wendy Smedley

Wendy Smedley joins Studio 5 as our expert on how to preserve old photos in a digital world. Wendy is more than an archivist; more than a genealogist. She is a passionate memory-keeper, storyteller and organizer. Wendy blends all worlds to find a realistic approach on what average people can do with a (sometimes overwhelming) stash of old photos.

As a creative pioneer in the scrapbooking industry, Wendy Smedley is a well-known expert of new and old scrapbooking products, industry developments, and creative innovations. She was creative editor with Simple Scrapbooks Magazine for over six years managing the product-focused section of the magazine and representing Simple on the popular “Scrapbook Memories” program, seen on local PBS stations. This year her focus is on archiving and digitizing her family photos.

Wendy has authored three books on scrapbooking including her latest geared toward beginners, “Start Scrapbooking” released September of 2010. Currently she works with Big Picture Classes as their outreach director. She resides with her husband Kent and five sons in Centerville, Utah, where she spends her free time scrapbooking, crafting, reading, and gardening.

Wendy Smedley
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