What is Project Shoebox? 

Project Shoebox is the incentive you need to empty that shoebox of old photos. Heirloom portraits to forgotten prints, everyone has photos to reclaim and rediscover.

Yes, Project Shoebox is about digitizing old photos.  But more important, it’s about sharing them, gathering memories, and feeling satisfaction of adding to your family story.

If you’re new to scanning, and photo sharing, you’re safe with us. Studio 5 contributor Wendy Smedley facilitates the Project Shoebox community on Facebook with frequent updates and helpful information.  We hope Studio 5 shoeboxers will add to the Facebook dialogue with personal comments, questions, and experiences.

The Project Shoebox Challenge

The challenge is very simple:

  • Scan at least one old family photo.  How “old” is up to you.  Just one that needs to be digitized.
  • Share it with family.   And when you do, ask a question that will draw out their memories and personal stories.  
  • Sit back while the stories roll in.
  • Feel satisfaction.

And then share the joy. Tell Studio 5 how taking one photo full circle made you feel!

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