memory board

What is a memory board? Here’s how to save memorabilia in a visual display.

A memory board brings all those special keepsakes to life.

Ski passes, ticket stubs, postcards – we all have a collection of memorabilia that we hold on to because the represent moments that are meaningful. But, what do we do with them?

Memory keeping expert Becky Higgins shares a solution that allows you to enjoy those moments in a visual way. Instead of an album, try a magnetic board. This simple home décor piece makes it easy to swap out the contents from season to season and bring your special memories front and center.

Becky suggests printing photos (with the Project Life app) that support the memorabilia. By simply adding magnets to the back of the pieces, it becomes flexible to move things around or even add to them as more memories are created.

Other crowd sourced ideas:

· Your family Christmas cards over the years

· Postcards, memorabilia and photos from travels

· Kid’s projects/activities



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