memory keeping - stacy julian and heidi swapp

It’s a memory keeping reunion! 4 big names gather for a nostalgic chat

Your memory keeping habits were probably influenced by these four women.

Most poeple would agree: we are influenced in ways we don’t even realize. Whether you slide printed photos into sleeves, or simply post your pictures with heartfelt captions, the approach to memory keeping was likely shaped by four women in particular. Those who were present in the late 90s and early 2000s know these names and faces.

Studio 5 caught up with the originators of the memory keeping movement for a life update.

Lisa Bearnson was the editor and co-founder of Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine, a trendsetting publication. Becky Higgins was the first creative editor of that magazine… a job she landed at 19-years-old! In 2009, she started her own company that offered solution-based products for memory keeping and she continues to inspire women to cultivate a good life and record it.

Stacy Julian pioneered a magazine called Simple Scrapbooks in the early 2000s, and created the innovative online learning platform “Big Picture Classes.” She created products and currently teaches how to Live Your Story.

All along the way, Heidi Swapp has been sprinkling her magic in many forms… as a storyteller, craft and décor designer, creative instructor, and speaker. She is known for her innovative style and trend-setting product solutions.


Find more inspiration from Becky at or on Instagram @beckyhigginsllc.

See more of Stacy’s work at or on Instagram @stacyjulian.

Heidi’s work can be found at or on Instagram @heidiswapp.

Lisa started a pickleball court company called

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  • My sister first told me about scrapbooking and I told her I liked just putting my photos in albums and being done. She said, “No, you don’t understand…this new way is amazing!” She was right! I won 1000 sheets of paper early on and I wish these 4 mentors of mine could see the “store” of supplies in my creative space and the HUNDREDS of scrapbooks I’ve crafted. I LOVE it still after 25+ years! Thank you Lisa, Becky, Stacy & Heidi! ❤️❤️❤️