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‘Love is in the details.’ 6 ways you can support men in your life through a struggle

Here’s how you can be a support men in your life.

So many men are struggling, but so few of them are asking for help. Studies show that nearly 80% of all men will experience a serious mental health issue in their life, but 50% of men say they feel embarrassed to open up about their mental health.

Jason Davies, a mental health advocate, shed light on this issue, and helped us understand ways we can better support the men in our life.


He revealed, “As men, we don’t talk about how we’re feeling very well. Rarely do we truly bring it all out.” This hesitation to express feelings contributes to the high suicide rates among men, with an estimated 700,000 men dying worldwide to suicide every year.

Men often worry about finances, being the best provider they can be, living up to expectations, and work or career-related issues. Jason described it as an invisible weight that men carry.

Keep Trying

Jason advised, “At first, if you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Persistence is key when trying to get men to open up about their feelings. Even if they initially resist, it’s important to keep asking and showing concern.

Help Them See Their Value

“We tie ourselves to being a provider and we tie ourselves to having that value add for our family, for our children, and for those around us.” Jason emphasized the importance of helping men see their value beyond their roles as providers.

Be a Noticer

“Just noticing the changes that happen and saying, ‘Hey, I think you’ve got a lot going on right now. Can I help?’” Being observant and noticing changes in behavior can be a crucial step in providing support.

Words of Affirmation

“The love is in the details. ‘Hey, you look handsome today.’ ‘Hey, I love the shoes.’ ‘Hey, I love your shirt you’re wearing for this meeting.’” Small words of affirmation can have a big impact on a man’s mental health.

Trust Him

“Trust that he is going to still be that man that you need him to be.” Trusting men to be strong and capable, while also allowing them to express their feelings, is essential.

It’s Not About Us

Lastly, Jason reminds us that a man’s mental health struggle is not about us.

“In my own personal experiences in my life, when I was at my lowest, when I had my mental breakdown and my world crumbled, it had nothing to do with my wife. She was my rock.”

You can connect with Jason on Instagram @jasonmensmentalhealth for more insights and resources.

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