Millcreek Women’s Center: Adiana Permanent Contraception

A new, permanent birth control option is now available to women. Dr.
Andrea Smith with Millcreek Women’s Center, explains how this low risk,
cost saving procedure works.

There is an exciting new permanent contraception procedure that can be
performed in
the office.

The procedure is called Adiana.

This procedure is for women who are certain they have completed their
families and do
not want to maintain their fertility. In the past, these women had the option
of “having
their tubes tied.” Which takes on many forms in practice but they all require
one or more
incisions, anesthesia, and incur the risk of injury to other organs or blood
These surgical sterilization procedures are more expensive, time-
consuming, require a
longer recovery, cause more pain and visible scars.

The Adiana procedure is done in the office and takes approximately 12
minutes. There are no incisions. A very small silicone matrix is placed in
each fallopian tube. It does not contain any metal or hormones and is
compatible with other gynecologic
procedures, including the Novasure endometrial ablation I discussed last

Using a small camera inserted into the uterus, the beginning of the
Fallopian tubes are identified. The Adiana device is inserted and a low level
of radiofrequency energy is delivered to a small section of each tube. Then
the silicone matrix is place. Alternate contraception must be used for 3
months after the insert is placed while new tissue grows within the tubes
and around the inserts, eventually blocking the tubes. Then a special X-ray
test is performed to verify that the tubes are blocked. At this point, the
woman no longer needs any form of contraception for the rest of her life.
Over 10,000 Adiana procedures have been performed. Adiana has been
shown to be99.4% effective in preventing pregnancy.

With Adiana, I can offer women a low-risk, cost saving sterilization
procedure. Women can maintain control of their own reproductive health.
They can have this procedure done and be back to normal activities the
next day.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrea Smith, or find
more information about Adiana Permanent Contraception, visit

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