Minimal Incision Facelifts

Dr. Heidi Regenass, from the Gateway Aesthetic Institute explains how a “minimal incision facelift” works.

What is the mini incision facelift?

The mini incision facelift is a simple and effective procedure that is designed to lift the cheeks, neck, and jowls.

How is the mini incision facelift different from a facelift?

Many “traditional” facelift procedures are performed with general anesthesia and require several weeks of downtime. With traditional facelift procedures the incisions begin at the upper temples extending along the front of the ear, behind the hairline on either side of the face to the back of the neck along the hairline resulting in a “windswept” or “pulled-back” look.

With the mini incision facelift procedure only a limited amount of excess skin needs to be removed. The supportive structures under the skin are gently lifted and tightened resulting in a more natural youthful look. The incision for the mini incision facelift is much smaller, beginning along the sideburn extending along the front of the ear down to the bottom of the earlobe. There is no “wind-swept” look as a result.

What results are to be expected?

Results will vary person to person, but can erase years from one’s appearance. Specific expectations should be discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Will the scars be noticeable?

Most patients who have followed the post care instructions say that the scar is barely visible once healed. The incisions hide nicely along the crease in front of the ear and along the hairline near the temples.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Unlike traditional facelift procedures that require general anesthesia, the mini incision facelift is done using local anesthesia, which makes the procedure far less painful and decreases the possibility of complications. Oral medications are administered before and during the procedure to help you feel relaxed.

How long will the results last?

No surgery procedure can prevent aging, however the mini incision facelift can take years off your face and be effective on average 5-7 years. Skin type, lifestyle, and genetic factors all play a role in determining how long the results will last.

Are there any risks associated with the mini incision facelift?

As with any surgical procedure there are associated risks, however following pre and post preoperative instructions and refraining from smoking can reduce the risk of complications. Specific risks can be discussed with you surgeon.

How do I know the mini incision facelift is right for me?

If you are a healthy male of female around the age of 40+ without prior facelift surgery with loose skin in the lower region of the face (lower cheeks, jawline, under your chin) then the mini facelift may be right for you!

If you would like to learn more about the mini incision facelift and see if you are a good candidate call Gateway Aesthetic Institute at 801-595-1600 to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Heidi.

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