Online Extra: Holly’s Jewelry Hotspots

Host chat: Cheap vs. inexpensive (Fashion vs. Costume)

There are 4 categories of jewelry: Fashion, Costume, Bridge, and Fine

Fashion/Cheap: Doesn’t cost much at all in comparison to costume.

• Trendy, Fad

• Plastic

• Made of materials that if worn frequently, will chip, fade or turn colors easily

• Faux fabrics i.e.: pleather, plastic flowers, acrylic ribbon

• Plastic or clear resin-over-color stones

• Simple base metal without coating (Nickel allergy sufferers beware)

• Beads are glued on

• Clasps, stones or beads are rarely soldered

• Rings are self adjust

Costume/Inexpensive: Reasonably priced in comparison to Bridge.

• Trendy AND classic

• Rarely plastic

• Made of more sturdy materials, gold or silver plated, to prevent quick fading or color change

• Real fabrics-leather, silk florals, ribbon

• Glass or crystal stones

• Wooden or look-alike resin beads

• Base metal blends for durability

• Clasps, stones or beads are soldered or tied and glued

• Rings in sizes

My favorite “cheap” jewelry hotspots are:

Charlotte Russe

Forever 21

My favorite “inexpensive” jewelry hotspots are:


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