baby soft feet

Goodbye calloused heels! This is the miracle peel for baby soft feet…

Summer is sandal season. But it’s hard to want to show off your feet when they’re in bad shape! Enter your new favorite product. Baby soft feet are just an exfoliation away!

Holly Stone shares how the Boscia Baby Soft Foot Peel works miracles on your calloused feet!


The Miracle Mask for Your Summer Feet

During the summer, have you ever looked down at your darling strappy sandals and cringed at your scaly heels? Or when sliding into bed at night, do your feet feel like sandpaper as they scrape along the sheets? Calloused toes, dry skin and cracked heels are all casualties of summer footwear. But there is a solution. And it only takes one application to reveal smooth, soft feet.

Put the foot mask booties on and leave for about an hour. TIP: Cover your feet with socks over the top of the mask so it hugs your feet and you don’t have to stay sitting.

For the next 7 days, your feet begin to slough dry skin. I mean like really shed the skin-like a snake! It’s crazy! The dry heels, the rough callouses, and the scaly bottoms of your feet literally begin to melt away. After about a week, use a loofah and sugar scrub and your feet will feel BABY SOFT. The craziest thing is that they stay soft for up to 6 weeks!

Use one time, it works hard for 7 days and then lasts for 6 weeks. That is style with results AND value. You can’t get much better!

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