Mixing Prints In Home Décor

Design blogger Kirsten Krason shares 5 simple tips to mix prints in your home decor.

Vary the Scale: It’s very important to look for patterns that are different sizes. Doing this keeps them from competing with each other. In my living room I have the largest scale pattern as my curtains. I always recommend using a larger print for curtains so it stands out better. A small pattern can get lost. Pay close attention to how patterns look next to each other. Do they hurt your eye or does it seem cohesive?

Consider Color: Make sure the colors don’t clash and that they work well together. Don’t throw in crazy colors that don’t make sense with the other patterns. An easy tip is to pick one pillow that you love that has a lot of color and then pull from a few different colors in that pillow. Pillows with contrasting backgrounds help each pillow stand on its own. The pillows stand out more and the colors are bolder.

Mix up the Pattern Types: You have to be really careful mixing two patterns that are too similar. If you are going to do two florals, make one floral print larger or smaller than the other. The best trick is to pair a geometric or stripe with a floral, paisley or ikat pillow.

Break up the Pattern: You can do this by adding a lot of solid elements. Mix in some solid pillows or have a neutral sofa or a large white coffee table. White is a great tool in breaking up pattern. Stripes and geometrics also help break up busy patterns because they are very simple on the eye.

Repeat Pattern: It’s good to repeat at least one of your patterns in the room to keep it from looking too chaotic. Take your favorite pillow and use it on an upholstered ottoman or another pillow. All in all, the patterns must work together to create one larger look and using the same pattern helps the room feel restful and put together.

Kirsten Krason is a designer and blogger. She loves mixing her two passions of blogging and Interior Design to bring advice and inspiration to her thousands of readers. If you are in need of full service design services or even just a consultation she is happy to help. Visit 6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.com for more information.

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