The ABC’s Of Home Décor

Designer Tausha Hoyt shares fresh, new ways to decorate with letters!

T- Is For Texture

Letters are not really anything new in the decorating world. They have been here, there and everywhere. I figure we just need to add a little something, something to make them standout. I found all kinds and styles of letters. I didn’t just want them to be plain, so I accessorized them up a bit. I used an old pair of Levis, some wire, even feathers. You can really get creative with this. Think outside the box.

E-Is For Elementary

Think back to your glory days in elementary school. Remember all those flash cards around your favorite teacher’s classroom? Well, I found some darling ones that are FREE to download from the I just printed them out and then thought of different ways to display them. I used the letters, “L”, “M”, “N”, “O”, “P”, because they are the most fun part of the alphabet! I found a long frame and cut up some old jeans to fit the frame. I just adhered the cards to the Levi with none other than Hot Glue! I then embellished the frame up with some ribbon, yarn and feathers. I also used the cards to make a banner. You could spell out anything. I just used some ribbon and stapled the cards to it. I added the binder clips for decoration. These cards are perfect for a child’s room, a pre-school or just your purse to keep little people semi-quiet while you are grocery shopping.

G-Is For Game

Who hasn’t played Scrabble? Well I just took the scrabble game off the game board and put it in my décor. I went to the DI and found a game that had letters. I tried to find scrabble but no luck. I just attached magnets to the back of the tiles so they would be able to move around and change. I found an old, round tin and took the lid off. I cut some paper to fit and that then became my “game board.” This is darling on a picture shelf of even hanging on a wall. If you want your “game” to be permanent, just use hot glue instead of magnets. I also used the little tray that came in the game and spelled out FAMILY. I just used my favorite Blue Tack to keep the letters in place. You could spell any word and use it for any occasion. Who said that you had to use games the way the instructions say? Definitely not me!

A-Is For Artwork

Now usually when I mention artwork, people look at me and think an old painting that is going to cost a lot of money. Art work can be anything, but it is especially fun when you use Kiki’s designs. I found Kiki while blog snooping. I immediately loved her not only for fabulous name but also for her crazy, awesome design skills. She made up a few prints specifically for me using letters. She used my last name as tree leaves, my family name in a game board and made a quote sound and look happy! Make sure that you go and see her stuff. You will be so happy that visited!! &
She is giving a 20% discount for all Studio 5 viewers. Just type in “Studio 5” at checkout.

F-Is For Fabulous

I could not think of any other word that would describe this! I found Christine from Goats grin studios while browsing the internet one night. She is a vinyl designer and her vinyl creations are amazing! Her work is truly 2nd to none.

She made this incredible vinyl for me. I saw the idea on a French website and asked her opinion on it. Hers is better than the original! When I started making this piece I wanted it to be dimensional. So, my handy, dandy husband made me a dimensional frame out of an old window frame, some beat up wood and crown molding. I painted the whole thing with some Navajo White (home depot) and then did a light stain to finish it. When you do this-make sure that you use a water based stain or glaze. If you use oil, the vinyl does not stick that well. (Not that I know that or anything) Goats Grin Studio’s specializes in large, fun, and unique vinyl. She can make anything you request, or you can be like me and just want her to mail you one of everything in her store. Her vinyl is by far the best I have ever worked with! Check her out; you are sure to find more than a few things that you can’t live without.

B-Is For Ball

I found some ping pong balls at the Salvation Army and had to have them. I just pulled out my sharpie and added the alphabet. I used uppercase and lowercase letters and wrote each letter a few times on each ball. I then put them in a fun jar and voila! You could do all kinds of fun things with this. You could use it as décor, or décor and a learning tool. It would be so fun to pull a ball out every day and find things that start with that letter or play your own version of bingo.

When it comes to letters, be unique and you will love the results! If you want to see any or all of these ideas in the space in which they live at my house. Check out my blog for lots of pictures!

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