Perry Homes Buyer Protection Plan

Perry Homes will make your payments if you run into trouble! Jeff Taylor announces Perry Homes new Buyer Protection Plan.

Perry homes recognizes that a lot of people who are actually qualified to buy a new home have stayed on the sidelines because of economic uncertainty and job security. The Perry Homes buyer protection plan was created just for you!

Here’s how it works: If in the first two years after buying a new Perry home you happen to lose your job, Perry Homes will make your mortgage payment for up to six months while you find new employment.

The Utah economy is growing stronger and Perry Homes wants to help more Utah families become home owners while the buyers market is so strong. This unique program can do that for you and your family.

Perry Homes is positioned to take advantage of the lowest land and materials costs in decades. Those savings make it possible for Perry Homes to sell you a new home at prices that in many cases will make your mortgage payment lower than rent.

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