Mobilized and Organized to Serve

Professional Organizer Marie Ricks explains how you can make it easier to help others no matter how you choose to serve.

Individual Service: Stock up BEFORE so you can serve immediately when the need comes.

Comfort the bereaved with a card or appropriate gift, pre-wrapped and ready for the bow and note

Have a prepared meal or treat in pantry and/or freezer

Keep greeting cards and mailing supplies together for easy sending

School Service: Make it fun, have supplies in one tote to take with you.

Make it fun. Wear a bright top that identifies you as a special helper. For example, an assistant in the art class might wear a fun, tied-died top whenever she volunteers with elementary school children to identify her as someone fun who can teach them about art.

Keep all your supplies in the same place. A bag or tote is useful to carry everything. For instance, a reading tutor helping out at her high school would have her books, visual aids, entry badge, and other needs all in the same bag for easy carrying to the school.

Community Service: Identify leaders, labels supplies

Identify the leaders with a top, hat, or scarf. This lets the rest of the volunteers know who can answer questions and will be giving directions. For example, a tree planting project in a community should have several people with bright scarves or vests to identify them as the group leaders.

Label all the tools you bring. Because community service projects usually involve lots of people bringing together their supplies for a join effort, label liberally. For example, at a community quilt tying project, your scissors would need your name on them in bold letters if you are to get them back.

Give liberally and privately to those who hurt. Give time generously to your local school. Give bigheartedly to your community. Make is easier to serve. Make a significant difference in our world!

Marie is a professional organizer and has more information available on her website If you are interested in serving your school better, you can download great tools to help your PTA through

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