Monitoring Tech Time

Our kids are being brought up in front of screens of all kinds, which means raising kids in this ever changing digital world takes extra vigilant parents.

Nicole Carpenter, founder of, explains how parents can set healthy technology guidelines for their kids.

We are raising kids in a world full of technology and electronic devices. Even our babies can work a tablet or smartphone. It’s instinctive.

The truth is, this technology can offer such benefits to our families. We have access to great educational programs and apps that teach ABC’s, math and foreign languages. Because of these advantages, many families are adding more devices or televisions to their homes this Christmas.

But raising kids in an ever changing digital world takes vigilant parents.

Here are 3 tips to positively monitor your kids with computers, game systems, television or electronic devices:


Use time on devices as an incentive or reward for positive behavior. You can even use a ticket system or screen time punch cards as currency. Set prerequisites (like chores and homework) to using the cards or tickets.

When your children have to earn the time they spend playing electronic games or watching specific shows, they will be more aware of their actions.

Establish Set Time

Allow use of gaming devices only during a specific time each day. The time blocks could be the same for the entire family, or they could vary for each child.

Establish Rules and Guidelines

As a family, set rules about where the devices are allowed. Only in common rooms? Researchers recommend keeping TVs out of bedrooms. That may be a good idea for other electronics too.

Don’t just use filters, set guidelines too. Teach children how to navigate the devices appropriately. Help them learn how to appropriate use a search engine or find appropriate apps.

Taking a proactive approach to our children and technology can not only expose them to educational tools but can teach them time management, appropriate internet use, and respect for family time.

Nicole Carpenter is the founder of, an online community for moms. She is a communication consultant, speaker and regular contributor to Motherhood Matters on Nicole has four kids 8 years and younger, all crazy about electronic devices—even the toddlers. Her Kids and Technology Toolkit™ is available at MOMentity for download.

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