Mother’s Day Body Wraps

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there’s no better way to show
the mother in your life better than to pamper her. Carrie Brinton from Elase
Academy says a body wrap is one of the best ways to give your mom the
special treatment she deserves.

What is a cellulite wrap?

There are lots of different types of “cellulite” wraps so it is important to
understand the type you are using. Most wraps work by removing water
from the skin and cells. This can cause dehydration and premature aging
of the skin. The M’Lis wrap is actually a “cleanse” wrap which works with
herbal ingredients that penetrate the skin to remove toxins and increase
blood flow.

How does this work?

The M’lis product is an actual program, with the wrap being one
component of an overall process. You start with a gentle cleanse a week
prior to the wrap which helps break down cellulite. Then you have wrap
which is a plastic wrap, followed by an hour of pampering as it sets in.
Then use the anti-cellulite lotion to help maintain your results.

What are the benefits?

Poor lymph circulation, water retention, and toxins are some of the main
causes of cellulite. So this program focuses on all of those causes. Results
include overall body cleanse, loss of inches, smoothing of cellulite, and
long term results.

What are typical results?

Most clients will see a loss of about ½ a dress size and an overall 5-10″
after the first wrap. We do recommend a series of treatments to maintain
the results.


If you mention Studio 5, you can receive the M’Lis wrap for only $40.

Elase Academy
South Jordan, UT


M’Lis Cellulite Wrap
Studio 5 Special
Only $40

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