mother's day brunch spots

Find the best Mother’s Day brunch spots! Here are 5 Utah favorites to try…

These might be the best Mother’s Day brunch spots in Utah.

We say Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a good brunch. Get a little help from the professionals and go out for the breakfast/lunch hybrid! Utah has some great spots you won’t regret trying.

Chelsea Fairbourn shares five of the best brunch spots to try this Mother’s Day. She shares what each place specializes in, and her favorite dishes from each menu.


Mother’s Day Brunch Spots

Pig & a Jelly Jar
227 E 25th Street, Ogden

Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade
54 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City

Midway Bakery
206B W Main, Midway

Joe’s Cafe
1126 S State Street, Orem

Tia’s Artisan Bakery
1812 W Sunset Boulevard, St. George