Mountain Biking in Utah

Utah is a Mountain Bike paradise with hundreds of miles of trails for any

Sheryl McGlochlin is an outdoor enthusiast and mountain biker who is quick
to show us her favorite trails.

How I describe Mountain Biking:

Exhilarating, scenic, adventurous, jaw-dropping natural beauty, ridge line,
climbing, descending, easy, hard, thick forests, open meadows, single track,
wide track, epic high altitude views, travel long distance, challenging,
adrenaline rush, relaxing, memorable, exciting, convenient, easily accessible,
well-marked trails, huge variety, excellent signage, diverse terrain, natural

Who can Mountain Bike?

Anyone! If you can ride a bike, you can mountain bike. There is PLENTY of
terrain for all abilities and levels.

Mountain Biking Awards:

IMBA* Awarded Park City, Utah: Gold-Level Ride Center – the world’s FIRST
and so far the only Gold Level Ride Center
*International Mountain Bicycling Association


· Amazing workout that doesn’t feel like exercise

· Abundant support and help getting starting with the sport

· Thousands of miles of trail throughout the state

· Park City alone features 400+ miles of mountain biking trails

· All trails are open to hikers as well as mountain bikers

· Most of Utah’s World Class Ski Resorts have amazing summer mountain
bike trails

· Many Utah Ski Resorts offer “lift access”, so you can enjoy a relaxing chair
lift up the mountain and ride down

· Besides ski resorts, enjoy and explore hundreds of miles of trails offered
in all part of Utah including several mountain ranges and in Southern Utah

How to get started:

· If you are apprehensive about what the terrain or experience may be like,
take a short hike or walk on any trail. Pay close attention to the bikers who
pass you. Notice what they are wearing, what a mountain bike looks like,
stop and talk to a biker if possible and ask them a few questions. Check out
the resources and websites below. Many people are eager and willing to help
you get started.

Safety is a priority

· Mountain biking is OFF the paved trail. Since you generally ride a bike
faster than you would hike, make sure you stay focused on the trail in front
of you. If you want to look around, stop your bike first.

When to ride

· Early morning and evening hikes are especially nice.

· Afternoons are great in a cool, shady, mountain forest

· May through October, generally speaking. Some trails aren’t available
until July depending on weather, altitude and snowfall.

Where to buy or rent a mountain bike and essential equipment:

· Many Ski Resorts, bike shops, resort towns, in and around Salt Lake City
and up and down the Wasatch Front, southern Utah, etc.

What you need:

· Bike
· Helmet
· Water
· Snack
· An adventurous spirit



· Great Resource Book: “Mountain Biking Park City and Beyond” by Gregg




· White Pine Touring, Park

· For more information about other activities as well as a free bike and hike
trail map:

· Park City Chamber/CVB,

· For info on the adjacent Heber Valley area:

· Heber Valley Chamber of

My Favorite Trails:

· Wasatch
– One of the most popular trails in the Salt Lake area. The
high-altitude ride has 2 starting places on or near the top of Guardsman Pass
at 10,000 ft. above sea level. By the time it’s over you’ll have climbed 1200+
vertical feet and dropped 3000+ feet in approx. 30 miles, depending on
which way you go. It’s one of my most favorite rides with plenty of variety
and options. There’s no way of escaping the good workout you’ll get on the
initial climb getting to the ridge but it’s all worth it. Enjoy spectacular views
in all directions from the ridge, drop into thick aspen forests, walk your bike
over technical rock sections near Desolation Lake, then take in the thrill of
the huge descent into a variety of canyons. My favorite way down is
dropping into Lower Big Water Trail in Millcreek Canyon (bikes are allowed on
this trail on even-days only, dogs on odd days), then coasting down the
canyon road to the mouth of Millcreek Canyon and riding to my home in
Holladay, where I have a shuttle car waiting for me. (Total of 35 miles). You
can drop a shuttle car near the mouth of Millcreek Canyon as well. There’s
no doubt that this is one of the most popular trails in the Salt Lake area and
you’ll understand why once you ride it.

· Round
Valley, Park City
– When I need something really easy and
this is the trail I choose, especially if I’m riding with people new to the sport.
It can be a long loop ride or a good single-track, out-and-back. It’s located
just northeast of Park City. Lower altitude and more sun exposure – probably
the earliest trail completely free of snow in Park City in the spring. Mild
climbing, some gentle switchbacks. Season late May through October.

· Mid-Mountain Trail South, Deer Valley Ski Resort – Great
beginner ride!
This route uses the smoothest 5 miles of the Mid-mountain Trail, flat and
easy, then offers a little more challenge in the return via Johns99 and Little
Chief. Suitable for experienced beginners. Season mid-June through

Sheryl McGlochlin has been teaching classes and leading outdoor adventures
since February 2003. She has hiked the Swiss Alps and many hikes in
beautiful Maui. She organizes and promotes over 350 Outdoor Events and
Classes each year in sports i.e. hiking, snowshoeing, camping, Utah
Adventure Vacations, stand up paddle surfing, flat water kayaking, land
paddling, hooping, trampoline jumping, bike riding, Zipfy riding, skiing,
Dutch Oven Cooking and Emergency preparedness skills.
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