Mr. Sandless Gives Mom the Floors She Wants

Mr. Sandless Gives Mom the Floors She Wants

It’s time for Spring Cleaning. And your floors might need a facelift. Part of the problem might be things that you are doing to your floors and not even realizing it is ruining your floors.

Trent English, from Mr Sandless explains what to do to keep your floors looking nice.

Mr. Sandless can give your floors the facelift they need. We want to make sure that everyone is taking care of their beautiful wood floors. Often the products people are using actually cause damage to their floors. We find floors that are so dulled by the products they are using and are beautiful underneath.

1. Be careful to keep liquids off your floors

2. Dry mop regularly, so the dirt doesn’t scrape and damage your floors.

3. Use rugs by entrances to minimize the dirt and water that come onto your floors.

4. ALWAYS USE A MILD CLEANER WHEN YOU DAMP MOP. Do not use products with wax , oil, lemon or ammonia. These products damage your floors.

Even floors that have been covered for years with carpet and look like they are beyond help can be revitalized with the Mr. Sandless process. We have just come out with an even more durable finish available in our signature high gloss, satin and now a true matte finish.

Most floors can be done in only one day. Since we don’t sand you don’t have to deal with that fine dust settling all over your house. There is no odor and you can move back onto the floors in just hours. None of the inconvenience and we are always less expensive than sanding.

What better gift to give Mom than a facelift for her floors. Just call us to find out what we can do for your floors. Our Mother’s Day special for the month of May, mention you saw us on Studio 5 and we will give you $50 off one room or $100 off 3 rooms or more. Just give us a call at 877-714-9663 or visit our website at .

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