Mustache & Lips Party

The mustache trend has found its perfect match! Luscious lips and paper hearts combine just in time for your Valentine’s Day soiree.

Jessica Roberts from The Quilted Polka Dot shows us how to pull off this vintage-inspired party theme.

Mustache parties are the latest trend for baby showers, birthdays, and even weddings! Add these fun, whimsical – with a touch of vintage – decorations to throw a Valentine’s party for both young and old!

I love using old things and giving new things that old feel. I also like to throw in the unexpected – like using an old steamer trunk for a unique dessert table and a kitchen scale for height and visual interest. The vintage feel from recycled sheet music and book pages combined with the crisp blacks and reds make this overall look! A great juxtaposition of old, new, unpredicted and function…

A few tricks to getting this look on your own without breaking the bank are:

1. Buy a plain white 8″ round cake from your local grocery store for around $9 and add a bunted banner on top as a reusable decorative touch.

2. In lieu of cupcakes, fill a fun nut cup with candies and place a cheap heart-shaped “Little Debbie’s” cake in the center. Add a fun cupcake pick to top it all off!

3. A fun and yummy drink option are these sparkling lemonade bottles from Trader Joe’s. It’s color, décor and beverage all-in-one.

An easy, multi-purpose, decorative centerpiece is my vintage paper lollipop made from paper plates! To make your own:

1. Tea-dye paper plates for a more vintage look and feel. Cheap and flimsy work best!

2. Using hot glue or strong crafting glue, glue a wooden skewer or dowel to the middle of one paper plate.

3. Glue the other paper plate on top of the plate with dowel, sandwiching the dowel between the 2 plates.

4. Embellish your top plate with fun scrapbook papers, doilies, ribbons, twine, flowers, … endless possibilities!

Want other options for your paper plate décor? Sting them together to make a banner, tape them to the middle of a mirror, tie them to the back of a chair, put multiple ones in a vase or jar, use them as photo props…

All products originally created and designed by Quilted Polka Dot

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Photos taken by Alyssia Baird & Kristina Curtis

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