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Myths About Retinol: 5 things that aren’t true about this anti-aging product

You might be victim to some myths about retinol.

When it comes to skincare, retinol is often the go-to anti-aging product. But, a lot of what you’ve heard about retinol isn’t actually true!

Master Esthetician Lisa Richards, widely known as the Skin Boss, shares what she says are five myths you might have heard about retinol.

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5 Myths About Retinol You Might Believe

Myth Number 1 – Only start using retinol when you are nearing menopause.

Myth Number 2 – You can’t use retinol during the summer.

Myth Number 3 – Retinol doesn’t combine well with other products like hydroxy acids and vitamin c.

Myth Number 4 – If you don’t use prescription retinol, it isn’t worth it.

Myth Number 5 – Retinol thins the skin.

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