baby shower

National Parks Baby Shower: Here are all the pieces you need for this unique theme

This baby shower theme is one to remember.

If you’ve been to a baby shower lately, you know that many new parents are loving broader, gender-neutral themes. This really opens up the creative possibilities.

Graphic designer Risa Baker is on the edge of it all, with printable party décor and a brand new party theme.

Find more ideas from Risa on Instagram, @restlessrisa_risabaker.


Risa Baker is an avid decorator and DIYer. She loves to plan a party and is cultivating her skills as a graphic designer. Risa is a mother to three, and obsessed with her new golden doodle pup. She lives with her family in Kaysville, Utah. Find Risa on Instagram, @restlessrisa_risabaker, and her Etsy shop at\shop\risadesign.

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