Natural Disasters and Your Home

Natural disasters can and do occur in Utah – from wind storms, fires and
floods to earthquakes. Simple repairs, landscaping tips or retrofitting can
protect your home against damaging losses.

Sara Parker, from Utah Central Credit Union, shares some thoughts on how to
prepare for disasters and protect your home.

Falling trees, metal storage sheds and loose windows, roof shingles and
doors can cause damage during wind storms. A good home inspector or
landscape specialist will spot vulnerabilities.

Exterior walls are a home’s first line of defense against water coming into the
home. They should be inspected annually and refinished or resealed with the
correct materials.

Experts say Utah is overdue for a big earthquake. If your home was built
before 1975 or was constructed from unreinforced masonry, you might want
to considering retro-fitting, which can cost from $3,000 to $10,000
depending on the method. Another simple preventative measure is to identify
potential hazards in the home like furniture, hanging wall objects, appliances
or water heaters that might injure someone if they fall, and secure them.
There are professional companies who will inspect your home for about $99
to determine if you are at risk for major earthquake damage.

The Utah Seismic Safety Commission has published a guide on what
homeowners can do to prepare and plan for an earthquake

And if you’re thinking about taking major preventative measures an equity
line of credit or HELOC is a good way to borrow money and protect your
home. Utah Central offers competitive, low-loan rates. You can contact
them at

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