Neighbor Gifts: Santa Spice Baskets

A neighbor gift that costs less than four dollars to put together! Studio 5’s Michelle Virtue shows us how to make Santa Spice Baskets.

Fill your Santa Spice Basket with fun toppings for cookies, cakes or hot chocolate.

You Need:
Berry Basket – keep it turquoise or paint it a fun Christmas color
4 Salt & Pepper Shakers – you can get 2/$1 at the dollar store
Selection of sugars, spices, and sprinkles
Extra packaging material like paper grass, cellophane, ribbon, chalkboard tag (less than $1 at Campus Floral in Provo)

Fill each salt and pepper shaker with a different spice or sprinkle mixture. In our example, we used red and white sprinkles, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar. Put four shakers in your berry basket. Add a cute chalkboard tag, or wrap in cellophane, and you’re done!

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