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Neighbor Gifts: Wrapping Paper

It’s the neighbor gift that doesn’t need wrapping, because it is wrapping paper! Blogger Risa Baker from Restless Risa shows us why the gift of gift wrap is always a hit with her friends.

Attach this poem to a roll of wrapping paper and your neighbor gift is finished in less than five minutes, and for less than five dollars!

Here’s a gift that’s from the heart.
Maybe it will help you start
Wrapping presents for the day,
That is only weeks away.

It won’t make your waist increase,
Like so many tasty treats.
You’ll throw it out when you’re all finished,
And will not have to see a dentist.

So, have fun planning what you’ll do,
As Christmas comes to visit you.
We’re thankful for our friends so dear,
Especially this time of year.

Love, The Baker Family

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