Neighborhood Block Party

Neighborhood block parties are a great way to enjoy this Summer heat. But there is a difference between a “Block Party” and a “BBQ”.

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares fun ways to host a neighborhood block party!

1. Always have a theme! It will make the difference and allow your guests to get excited about something other than just a standard BBQ!

2. Make sure each guest has a purpose to come. It could be
a. To help out with something
b. To come dressed up
c. To bring food
d. To execute an activity

3. Always have music. It could be on a simple stereo, but can also be big with a DJ. Everyone always enjoys a tune that makes them tap their toes.

4. Allow everyone to be involved. This includes kids, teens, and adults.


What do you need to throw a Cul-de-skate Party?

– Free printable invite (simple to print on bright paper and pass around the neighborhood) INCLUDE LINK TO FREE PRINTABLE / EDITABLE FLIER

– A cul-de-sac in the neighborhood – preferably with smooth pavement.

– Loud popular music

– Camp chairs – On flier for guests to bring, but a few extras are always nice for those that forget!

– Glow necklaces

– A Dessert that will wow the guests!

Rock the Block

This party idea is another great one to bring the whole family to. With a Rock theme, you can’t go wrong! Here are a few ideas that you could add to your party

Download the Rock the Block Flier here

– “Rock the Block” Banner printed by Pioneer Party in Lehi! Get yours printed for 50% off now through August 31! See in store for details! (154 West Main Street, Lehi Utah) Or, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND PRINT YOUR OWN BANNER

– Bring picnic for family to share (could be KFC, Pizza, a real picnic food … your choice)

– DJ Playing all types of Rock music (young and old … for all generations)

– Set up a big screen on a garage in the neighborhood and have the kids play Just Dance … or even watch “School of Rock” for a movie night!

– Kids can paint rocks for contest. Coolest most creative rock wins a prize.

– Dress or big hair contest

– Rent a Rock Climbing Wall for the neighborhood

– Check out this website to build your own 2 liter bottle “Rock”ets

– Dessert Table that Rocks – Ice Cream Bar with toppings
. Oreo’s
. Rock Candy Jelly Beans
. Rock Candy Suckers
. Pop Rocks

Block Party for the Grownups!

Send an email telling your guests the date and that they will need to bring an ingredient to the party. After your have been given an RSVP, then send out a formal invite with the information each couple will need, include their ingredient to bring.

Have each couple bring an assigned ingredient. When they arrive at the party, they will be assigned a table to put together a given recipe for dinner, using the ingredient they brought. While cooking, couples can get to know each other while they put the recipe together, then visit while eating the dinner.

Recipes & setup for a party with 5 couples – Can be done outside, or inside. This meal would be best for outside during the late summer months!

Host to prepare in advance –
Combine 3 quarts water 6 cups sugar heated to 165 (sugar dissolved). Place in fridge. Needs to be done in advance, to give time for the syrup to cool to cold drink temperature.

On table provide
– large drink pitcher
– blender
– cutting board
– lemon squeezer
– Strainer for lemons
– Spoon for mixing lemonade

Food assignments:
Couple 1
4 quarts Strawberries (pre-washed and ready to cut)
Couple 2
6 Lemons
2 – 2 Liter bottles of Ginger Ale

RECIPE Instructions
Cut stems off Strawberries and place in blender.
Squeeze all lemons and strain into given pitcher
Place given sugar syrup into Pitcher
Add Strawberries
Add Ginger-Ale slowly

Host to prepare in advance
Pre measure spices for dip!
2 TBSP of Minced onion
1 tsp Dill weed
2 tsp Bon Appetite Seasoning

On table provide
– Veggie Tray
– Back up cutting boards and knives
– Can opener
– Bowl for dip to be mixed in
– Spoon

Food assignments:
Couple 1 (pre-wash all veggies)
1 Cucumber
1 bag baby Carrots
1 pint Cherry Tomatoes
1 Cup Sour Cream (pre measured)
1 knife
1 cutting boards

Couple 2 (pre-wash all veggies)
2 Colorful Peppers
1 Can Black Olives
4 stalks of Celery
1 Cup Mayonnaise (pre measured)
1 knife
1 cutting board

RECIPE instructions:
Cut up all vegetables and place in tray
Make Dip by combining Sour Cream, Mayo, and given spices.

Main Dish
Host to prepare in advance
Measure out 4 slices of onion minced
1 Lemon
4 TBSP sugar
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
1 bag Red Grapes (or dried cranberries) Washed and ready to go.

On table provide
– 1 Large Bowl
– 1 small bowl
– onion
– lemon
– grapes
– spices
– Cutting board
– 2 knives
– Basket for rolls
– 1 serving spoon for chicken

Food assignments:
Couple 1
4 Cups Cooked Chicken (Boiled and put into a ziplock bag). Preferred if cold and refrigerated.

Couple 2
1 Bag steak Rolls from Walmart (24 rolls)
6 Stalks Celery (prewashed)
2 Cups Mayo (premeasured)

RECIPE instructions
Shred chicken and place in large Bowl. Chop Celery and set aside. Slice grapes in half and set aside. In smaller bowl, combine Mayo, Onion, Lemon Juice from Lemon, and spices provided. Mix together and add Chicken and celery. Slice all of rolls open (ready for guests to place chicken inside themselves), and place in given basket.

Host to prepare in advance
Provide 1 bottle of Italian dressing
salt & pepper
Parmesan Cheese (Fresh)

On table provide:
– Extra Cutting Board
– Extra knife
– Potato peeler
– 1 Large bowl
– 1 Serving spoon

Couple 1 (pick someone responsible)
1 bag of mixed colored pasta, precooked strained, a little olive oil to keep it from not sticking and refrigerated.
1 Cucumber
1 Can Artichoke hearts
1 cutting board
1 knife

Couple 2
1 small block of cheese (Monterey jack, or cheddar)
2 Cans of sliced olives
1 pint of grape tomatoes
1 cutting board
1 knife

RECIPE instructions
Place pasta in large bowl. Use potato peeler to peel off skin on cucumber. Slice in half and in half again. Remove seeds. Cut into small chunks. Cut grape tomatoes in half. Cut cheese into ¾” cubes (just eye it … not need to measure!) Add all vegetables, & fruit to pasta. Add dressing, salt, peper, and parmesan cheese to taste.

Host to prepare in advance
Make place in fridge for pudding to be chilled and trifle to chill when put together.

On table provide
– Back up knives and cutting board
– Trifle dish
– Spoons for cool whip
– Spoons for pudding
– Wisk
– 2 Bowls
– Serving spoon

Couple 1
2 Quart fresh berries (washed and ready)
1 Box Jello Pudding Mix 5.1 oz (Vanilla or Banana Cream)
3 cups cold milk
1 knife & cutting board

Couple 2
2 Sara Lee pound cakes (freezer section)
1 large container of cool whip
1 knife and cutting board

RECIPE instructions
Make instant pudding to instructions on package. Ask host to place in fridge to set up. While pudding is setting up, cut pound cake into 1 ½ – 2″ squares. Cut stems off strawberries and into slices.

Start stacking trifle by starting with pound cake on the bottom, topped with pudding, then strawberries. Repeat until you have used ingredients to the top. Crumble extra cake (if any) and put strawberries on top. Have host place in fridge until ready to serve.

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