Neon & Nude Makeup Trend

This spring some of your favorite make-up lines are going bold and bright!
Call it the “Neon and Nude” look – where you pair hot hues with bare
neutrals. Beauty blogger Kristie Burnett is shows how any age can take on the
crazier colors.

You’ve seen the collections. Every makeup brand has debuted their Spring
line and with it, some really bright makeup colors. Many of us glance at those
lines and admire the beautiful colors, usually thinking “That would look really
cute…on someone else.”

Wearing bright makeup isn’t just for teens. It is a trend popping up on
catwalks, in magazines, and movies, so why not give it a try? By following
these simple steps, you too can be sporting your fuchsia lips or purple eyes,
even if you’re over 50.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

“The trick to wearing brights, is pairing it with nudes.”

As with all things in life, it’s all about moderation. Here are some basic rules
that apply not only to makeup, but fashion as well.

In your 20’s: Go for it! Pair your neon Raybans with a bright purple
lip, some cotton candy pink nails and a pair of vivid yellow jeans. Enjoy
indulging in this trend while you can embrace it to the fullest.

In your 30’s: Pick one or two things to embrace, like an aqua blue
nail with hot pink lipstick. Choose your trends with moderation.

In your 40’s +: Pick one thing on trend, i.e. a bright lip OR a bright
eye. Or perhaps you’re a nail girl? Choose a funky color that’s in style and
rock it.

Rules are made to be broken, and this particular set of rules is not set in
stone, it is a guideline to follow. If you are a spunky 50-something and
brights are your thing, then by all means, go get ‘em!

Here are some Spring lines with great brights for experimenting:


Complimenting lines devoted to color. Choose from bright shadows,
lipsticks, blushes and gloss. SHOP MAC – COOK MAC has you covered.
Included in these Limited Edition sets are subtle neutrals to blend with your
brights, making it simple.

Call Me Bubbles Eyeshadow Quad – $48
Fluidline Eyeliner – $15
Cremesheen Lipstick – $14.50

Vincent Longo

A makeup line best known for its cheek and lip stains, this boutique makeup
brand is the place for any lipstick product you need. Bright fuchsia stain,
lipliner, and lipgloss will help you achieve the perfect bright pout.

Cheek/Lip Stain – $22.50
Duo Lipliner – $26
Diamon Lipgloss – $22

BECCA Cosmetics

This makeup company has your neutrals covered. Found a bright eyeshadow
and don’t know what to pair it with? Check out BECCA cosmetics for neutral,
image enhancing shades to that coordinate with any color.

Nail Colour – $15
Beach Tint – $25


The Spring collection by ShuUemura gives you a more subtle version of
bright. Eye makeup palettes, expertly selected, allow you to build color to
desired vividness. Work your way up to a bright eye, rather than jumping
right in.

Eyeshadow Trio – $39
Dome Blush – $25
Double Ended Eyeliner – $24


“Easy, breezy, beautiful, COVERGIRL” is their slogan, and they certainly make
it easy with their new intense ShadowBlasts and lipsticks. Their new products
include bright blues, greens and pinks, everything you need for achieving the
look, without the cost. Available at your local grocer and mass retailer,
COVERGIRL is not only easy to apply, but easy to find.

China Glaze

The Electropop collection by China Glaze leaves nothing to be desired. Their
bright hues are spot on with the season trends. It is only a matter of
selecting a color that matches your individual personality.

Electropop Collection – $7

Now that you’ve made your choice of which bright trend you want to wear,
the rest is easy. If you are doing a bright eye, stick with a nude face and lip. If
you are doing a bright lip, follow with a neutral eye. Don’t feel comfortable
with ALL bright nails? Stick with a neutral color and choose one nail to
“accent” with a bright shade. Whatever you choose just remember, if it
makes you feel beautiful, you’re doing it right.

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