New Ideas for a Christmas Letter

Megan Hoeppner shows you the easy way to create.

My Favorite Things

This card update takes a themed approach from The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things”. The writing tip is to create your update using a quiz that is given to every member of your family. To create this little flip book, simply attach a few bitty envelopes together by the flaps, attached photos to the fronts of the envelopes and inserted the quiz in the slot. Since this is based on “…a few of my favorite things..” it’s purposely designed to show the front to look like a little brown paper package, …”tied up with string.” This project is relatively flat and will easily fit in a standard envelope for mailing.

DVD/CD Photo Card

The CD pocket was created from cardstock and used a sewing machine to stitch the sides. This annual update doubles as a gift that any recipient would love. This will appeal to scrap bookers, photo enthusiasts and parents or grandparents who take lots of pictures. You can get so many pictures on a single disk
Using this software, can create captions and notes on the photos rather than including a traditional letter

Crossword Puzzle

This card was created using software found online. It’s easy to use and only took minutes to create. This is an interactive update letter, as it involves the recipient filling in the answers. To give the recipient hints, photos were used that coincide with the clues on the reverse side of the puzzle. It was purposely created in a grid pattern to further the theme. You don’t need expensive photo-editing software to create such a grid. There’s free software online that will do it for you, or you can do it traditionally by cutting 4×6 prints down to 2×2, assembling them on the page, and making color copies for your letters.

Numbers Book

This update letter also takes a themed approach. Pick up an advent calendar kit and transform it into a mini flip book that highlights happenings from the year using the numbers as the common theme. A few things to note: You don’t have to buy this kit to create this project. You can do the same thing with patterned paper/cardstock and punches. This is light weight and easy to mail.

Recipe Card

This project plays on the recipe theme. Simply attach a family photo to the front of a recipe card and wrote the recipe to a happy year on the back. It highlights events from the year using cooking terms, making it a fun keepsakes. A bonus idea would be to include an actual recipe with the project.

Chip Board Wall Hanging

This project is one you’d most likely send to a smaller recipient list, as it’s more involved. I took basic chipboard frames and turned them into a wall hanging. The update information can be found on the backs of the frames.

Bonus Idea

Beyond the approaches to the letters, I’ll share ideas for collecting holiday letters and cards and containing them as keepsakes. This involves creating a simple cover from chipboard and grouping cards together that you’ve received from others, as well as using a basic photo album to contain your own photos and letters from years past.

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