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There’s no question the market has had its ups and downs, but a new program is helping Utahans hit the ground running with their new homes. Jenn Reich from New Millennium Realty has a revolutionized program that will make buying or selling a home exciting again.

New Millennium Realty/ Rebate State Team has revolutionized the Real Estate business. The main differentiating point from Rebate State and ALL other Real Estate companies is that they give up to 33% of the commission back to you.

The Rebate State team at New Millennium realty realizes that today most knowledgeable consumers jump in and do a lot of their own investigation of possible homes online. So why not let the client benefit from their own hard work.

We are full time, full service Realtors that really care about you and the home you want to buy or sell. Focusing on great service plus a rebate sets this company apart from the mass of Realtors that are out there today.

We will work harder for your business. Our business model depends on it. By giving back up to 33% of our commissions we are counting on making you so happy that you tell all your friends.

The same offer is available whether you buy a home or sell your home of both. If you were to use the Rebate State team at New Millennium Realty for both selling your existing home and purchasing a new home you would be able to get up to 33% of the commissions back on each transaction.

The average rebate is around $2700 depending upon the price of the home.
We have seen everything from New Furniture to Hot Tubs to even a vacation to rest from moving. Smart consumers realize that this is a lot of money that could mean a lot for their families.

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