New Plants for 2010

John Rader is the President of Proven Winners, the creators of new plants, and he unveils some of his top choices for 2010.

• Blue Flame Agave

o Height 18-24″

o in landscapes and containers
Reggae Time Agave

o Height 12-36″

o ‘Reggae Time’ sports leaf edges that are clothed with highly decorative, dark brown teeth that curve both away from and back towards the center of the plant. There are two types of teeth which make the leaf edges quite unusual.

• Retro Choke Agave

o Height 24-36″

o A striking hybrid that forms a tight head similar to cabbage with leaves that impress each cupped leaf firmly on its enclosing mate in a beautiful pattern. The leaves grow up to one foot long and are blue-green with teeth.

• Afterglow Echeveria

o Height 10-18″

o A soft, lavender-colored powder dusts the leaves, especially in ideal sun exposure.

• Electric Glo Echeveria

o Height 6-8″

o Great in landscapes and containers

• Fairy Dust Teucrium

• Platinum Wallaby Ptilotus

• Simply Sensational Heliotropium

• Superbells Yellow Calibrachoa (NEW Color)

o Yellow is a brilliant, bold color addition, with blooms on the larger end of the scale.

o This series is bred for heat and low water tolerance.

o Abundant, small petunia-like flowers all season on cascading growth

o Low maintenance

• Flirtation Orange Diascia (NEW Color)

o Flirtation Orange is a magnificent addition, with stunning layers of flowers. A cool-loving plant, it delivers vibrant orange to the garden in early summer and again in fall.

o Charming orange flowers bloom profusely all season.

o Great for early spring planting

• Snow Princess Lobularia (Sweet Alyssum)

o If there is one new plant that should be on everyone’s list, it’s Snow Princess, a unique breakthrough in the genus for heat tolerance and extended season performance. It’s an extremely vigorous, continuous bloomer that will make it an instant success with gardeners.

o Blooms all summer without deadheading.

o This plant does not like “wet feet”, allow soil to dry to the touch before watering.

• Pretty Much Picasso Petunia

o The coloration of Pretty Much Picasso has literally stopped people in their tracks. Unique flowers sporting violet purple flowers edged in lime green. This vigorous plant is great for mixing in combination with other vigorous plants.

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