New Products to Get You Running

If you’re planning on taking up running, there are some tools and products which will make you more successful in your running goals.

Elizabeth Jenkins, from Salt Lake Running Company, shares her product picks for successful running.

Salt Lake Running specializes in meeting the needs of runners and walkers at every level of their fitness. The store carries the industry’s best products and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about running, training, products, and nutrition. They provide everything from a biomechanical analysis to ensure proper footwear to training programs to keep you motivated.

Here are some of the current items that are really popular for running and walking.

1. The Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch $130: This GPS watch is super easy to use. It displays a runner’s distance, pace and time. It can upload all data to Garmin Connect, Garmin’s online data tracking portal. It comes in three colors and has a small band to fit the petite-est of wrists!

2. Lole Stephanie Skirt $90: Down skirts are a new fashion trend we are seeing pop up all over and we love this one by lole. It isn’t specifically for running, but more for to and from the gym, or to wear over leggings. It adds extra warmth and a dash of sass.

3. The Juno Bra by Moving Comfort $52: A woman’s sports bra is the most important piece of training equipment, second only to her shoes. This bra provides superior support and shape for women who run, or do cross fit or TRX style work outs. This bra has adjustable straps and both a racer-back and hook-and-eye closure in the back to provide excellent support.

4. Amphipod Hydration Belt $50: Hydration is important to remember when running in the colder months because our bodies have to work harder to stay war. This belt has two bottles and a pouch to store keys, money and a phone. The stretchy belt prevents bouncing on the hips, and the ergonomic, BPA-free bottles are really easy to access and replace.

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