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Try a new recipe tonight! 4 YouTube channels to help you put dinner on the table

Need a little cooking inspiration? These four YouTube channels will help you put dinner on the table.

By Lauren Tippetts

YouTube is a great escape. You can find almost anything on the platform, and that, of course, means cooking tutorials! Who doesn’t love a good step-by-step? You could say that my family are foodies, so when we stumbled across a Bon Appétit video, we went down the rabbit hole. There are a lot of YouTube channels out there dedicated to making delicious food approachable for the home cook. So, from one foodie to another, here are four of my favorite cooking channels on YouTube.

Bon Appétit

The one that started it all, and yes, it is as in the magazine. The folks over at Bon Appétit have a YouTube channel chock full of food inspiration. They range from simple, step-by-step recipes, to videos that are more on the entertaining side. Our favorite series is Gourmet Makes. One of their chefs attempts to recreate your favorite processed snacks, but with some gourmet flair. They recently put out the perfect solution for dinner during quarantine. Each of their eleven or so chefs shared how they would dress up a box of Mac & Cheese. Totally doable, right?! How many boxes do you have in your pantry right now?

I have tried several recipes from Bon Appétit, but one of my favorites hit the dinner trifecta: quick, easy, and tasty! Andy Baraghani’s recipe for pasta with brown butter, lemon, and Parmesan is my new go-to pasta dish. So delicious, and SO easy! You’ll find his tutorial near the end of the video, but you won’t want to miss the recipes from their other chefs.

You can typically find their recipes linked in the description, but in some cases, you can just search their website.

Binging With Babish

Binging With Babish is a channel that I just recently came across, even though he’s been around for a while. His deadpan delivery of the instructions (and little quips) along the way make his tutorials an entertaining watch. A lot of his videos focus on foods from your favorite movies and TV shows, so if you’ve ever wanted to try Ben Wyatt’s Calzone from Parks and Rec, you’re in luck.

He also has a series of videos that teach you the basics. So, the basics of making pan sauces, sour dough, shepard’s pie, the possibilities are endless. I love his sense of humor, and his recipes look sooo delicious.

You can find his recipes linked in the video description, or search his website.

Gordon Ramsay

Put dinner on the table with help from Gordon Ramsay. THE Gordon Ramsay. It might sound a little intimidating to follow his recipes, but he has a whole series of videos called Ramsay in 10, where he makes dinner in 10 minutes. A 10 minute meal! Granted, Chef Ramsay is a bit of a whirlwind, so it might take you just a little bit longer. But hey, I’d say 20 minutes is just as doable.

Gordon Ramsay’s energy is so fun to watch. My favorite of his videos so far is Fish and Chips at Home. He moves so fast, and it’s mesmerizing to watch him work. This recipe is something I could totally see myself trying at home.

You can find Chef Ramsay’s recipes linked on each video, or find them on his website.

Joshua Weissman

I just found this guy the other day, and once I started watching, I just kept going! He is a little quirky, a little funny, and his food looks amazing. He writes out his recipes in the description, so you don’t have to take notes or anything.

He has a series called But Better, where he chooses a fast food favorite and makes it…better! Orange chicken, McNuggets, Arby’s curly fries, he’s done it, and he’s done it better.

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