New Skin Treatment Technology

New Skin Treatment Technology

A new technology lets you treat and tighten your skin with no lasers, no
downtime, and for a fraction of the cost. Dr. Justin Johnsen with Utah Eye
and Facial Plastic Surgery explains how the Derma-Pen can improve your
appearance for a lot less than other treatments.


New skin treatment that uses innovative technology to treat and tighten the
skin. This technology is comparable to many laser treatments for a fraction
of the cost and virtually no down time! The derma-pen transforms the skin
at a cellular level, by stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and
elastin. This tightens and smooths the skin, shrinks pores, and improves
texture and tone. It works like lawn aeration. The derma-pen makes
microscopic punctures in the skin down to the dermis, stimulating the
above mentioned fibroblasts. Furthermore, the body’s ability to heal the
microscopic punctures further tightens the skin. The unique aspect of our
procedure is that we have combined this pen with the infusion of products
with a patented delivery system that provides even greater skin treatment
efficacy, which can be tailored to each person’s unique skin condition.
Furthermore, it treats acne scars, burns wounds, and stretch marks!

Eyelid/Eyebrow Surgery

We use the latest and most cutting edge technology. We do a suture-less
and blade-less surgery, meaning we don’t use sutures, or scalpels. We use
a laser to cut and dissect and a tissue sealant to close the wounds. We are
the only ones in the country, that I know of, that uses this technique. The
benefits of this are:

1. Less swelling
2. Less bruising
3. Quicker recovery
4. Less Scaring
5. Less anesthesia time
6. Less expensive

For example, when I do a Forehead lift/upper eyelid blepharoplasty
combination surgery, the average surgeon performs this procedure in 3
hours, but I average 55 minutes! Thus less anesthesia and less cost to the

Another benefit is that many times the surgery is covered by insurance. So
this greatly reduces or even eliminates the cost of the procedure.

Liquid Face lift

The liquid facelift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses Botox and
fillers to gently lift the face and improve wrinkles, creating a more natural,
younger appearance. It is a 30- 60 minute in office procedure with little to
no down time!

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