New Uses for Grandma’s Old China

Blogger Tristan Lloyd shares how.

I absolutely LOVE to decorate! And I have always loved the fun glitter of vintage china, so why not combine the two!? Most likely you have some fun dishes sitting around, collecting dust, because they are old or sentimental. Or you use them ONCE in a blue moon for a fun, fancy dinner. In my opinion, decorating with them is a lot more fun! So grab a plate, have a seat, and enjoy a taste of these FUN new ideas!

When looking for good china to decorate with, look for shape and color. Sometimes the best plate is the one that has cracks and chips. Every crack and chip tells a story -whether it’s from old age, or from when you were in a bad mood and put the dishes away a little too harshly to get your husband’s attention (I am, of course, not speaking from experience!).

If you find a piece of china that has a good shape, but is not necessarily the color you were looking for, don’t pass it by. We have found that a little spray paint does the trick!

Grouping similar pieces or colors together makes a great statement with little effort. Clustering plates with brooches or vinyl on a wall can make for a beautiful piece of art! If the plate is sentimental, and you are not comfortable with using glue to hold the brooch on, sticky puddy does the job. Also, vinyl is a great way to spruce up a plate without harming it. And you can always change the vinyl if you get sick of it!

Another fun idea is to use old silverware as holders for pictures, notes or hand written recipes.

And last, but not least,my new favorite thing to do is make . . .well I haven’t really decided what to call these new creations, but I would love to hear your thoughts on what to call them. By stacking different pieces together, you can create a fun and fabulous look. You can use them as a place to put jewelry, keys, treats – really anything! Visit my blog and make a suggestion on what we should call these fun platters. The winner will receive a free platter of their own!

Check out for more details on our projects and get some fun inspiration for your own home!

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